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thuyet951 submitted a new resource:

Active eCommerce CMS - Mã nguồn website bán hàng và thương mại điện tử nhiều tính năng

Complete system for your eCommerce business

Laravel Based PHP Script
This script has been developed using the Laravel framework version 5.8 of PHP. In this system for frontend bootstrap version 4 and backend bootstrap version 3 are used.

Responsive Design
Super responsive for all available devices. All pages, all attributes are properly designed for any size of device like desktop, laptop, mobile, tablet, etc. The...
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thuyet951 updated Active eCommerce CMS with a new update entry:

Update version : 3.5 (10/04/2020)

Update version : 3.5 (10/04/2020)
Improvements & Bug solving
- Order cancellation
- Email Verification bug fix.
- Coupon bug fix.

Update version : 3.4 (23/09/2020)
Improvements & Bug solving
- Amazon s3 file system support.
- N genius payment gateway.
- Seller verification email bug fix.
- Some other minor issue fixed.

Update version : 3.3 (05/09/2020)
Improvements & Bug solving
- Footer logo option
- Home slider image stretch issue solved
- Product description table...
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