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  1. thuyet951

    xF2 Add-ons [PB] Admin Control Panel Improvements 1.1.0 Patch 2

    Some improvements and tweaks for admin control panel Ajax-search field for: Banned users Banned emails Banned IP addresses Discouraged IP addresses Display order sorting for: Thread prefixes Help pages Two-step verification providers User upgrades Member statistics Custom user fields Custom...
  2. thuyet951

    xF2 Add-ons [TH] Nodes for grid, custom styling, and custom icons 1.1.1

    Nodes Add dimension, quality, and allure to the display of your forum list, and stand out from your competition. [TH] Nodes can help you create a visually engaging forum and improve user experience with visual indicators by allowing you to style nodes, icons, and more. Administrator Features...
  3. thuyet951

    xF2 Add-ons [TH] Trending 1.0.5 Patch Level 3

    Trending Showcase your most active and relevant content so your users can find current information and get involved fast. Trending is intricately calculated by several factors based on the content type. This will aid in increasing user involvement and improving user experience by helping them...
  4. thuyet951

    xF2 Add-ons [TTs] Core add-ons Patch 9

    Description Add-on contains built-in libraries for use by add-ons developed by [TTs] No changes are made when you install this add-on Available functions Function Description $thread.getThumbnail() Get thread thumbnail image url $thread.next.next Get next thread $thread.next.previous...
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