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Compatible XF 2.x versions
  1. 2.2
Add-on contains built-in libraries for use by add-ons developed by [TTs]
No changes are made when you install this add-on

Available functions
$thread.getThumbnail()Get thread thumbnail image url
$thread.next.nextGet next thread
$thread.next.previousGet previous thread
extends XFCP_AttachmentShow attachment for guest by extensions
extends XFCP_CountersCount forum and resources statistics

For details about changes, please read the README.MD file

Cập nhật mới nhất

  1. Update v2. Patch 9

    Issue Version Function 'callback' doesn't exist 1000009 Delete empty phrases 1000009...
  2. Update v2. Patch 8

    Issue solved Issue Version Delete unused Phrases 1000008 Delete unused Templates...
  3. Update v2. Patch 6

    Issue solved Issue Version Table '03060401.xf_rm_resource' doesn't exist 1000005

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