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Completed OTA Booking System for Hotel, Room, Tour, Car, Rental, Activity likes,,,

Theme Options
400+ Flexible options in Theme Options to help you make dynamic system
Flexible settings with many options help you make any kind of travel site.

Many Services
Many services you can use for your travel site and can make On, Off by config: Hotel, Room (Accommodation), Tour, Rental, Car, Flight.
These are list of services you can use and show it ON/OFF in Theme Settings.

Partner Dashboard Statistic
The Partner, who upload listing on the system can manage their profile and online booking calendar, booking history with completed and pending status.

Frontend Submission
The partner can create and manage their listings on the frontend by using the partner dashboard.

Smart Search
Support build Advance Search very easy to make searchable stronger.
Friendly search form with strong filter options that help visitor easy to find any service.

Strong Filter
Support With strongly filterable, sortable and searchable booking list that you can configuration and make the layout on site friendly as you want. Advance Search very easy to make searchable stronger.

Support Membership functions build-ins, allows Partner/Vendor can buy by a package for upload listing by Free, Paid.

Payment Methods
Checkout by normal booking16+ methods
By this way you can build checkout form by our Form Builder build-in, with various fields types for make checkout form match with your requirements.
Checkout by with Woocommerce
Allow you checkout with multi-items. Can use with many payment gateways support by WooCoommerce.

License key: e6add725cf75e04579f670f84c675284
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