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Real Media Library - WordPress Media Library Folders & File Manager

Real Media Library - WordPress Media Library Folders & File Manager 4.9.3

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All Features of Real Media Library for WordPress
Real Media Library comes with many more features besides those shown above. See why our solution is the best WordPress plugin for media management with folders.
  • WordPress 5.x / Gutenberg ready
  • Folder for the WordPress media library
  • Drag & Drop your files
  • Works great on touch devices
  • Create shortcuts of files in multiple folders. Shortcuts do not require physical storage space (0 kb).
  • Full control over your folders in one toolbar (create, rename, delete)
  • Rearrange folders by drag & drop or by criterium (e.g. name in ascending order)
  • Sort folder contents by drag & drop or criteria (e.g. A-Z) automatically or once
  • Bulk select folders and delete multiple folders at once
  • Filter in the WordPress insert media dialog
  • Advanced media library uploader
  • Upload files directly to a folder
  • Create dynamic galleries from a folder with Gutenberg block or shortcode
  • Order folder contents by drag & drop or by criterion (date, name, …)
  • Quickly navigate to folders with quick folder search
  • Translated into several languages
  • Compatible with all major themes, page builders and many plugins
  • Supports WordPress Multisite (each page has its own folder tree)
  • GPDR/DSGVO: The plugin does not collect personal data without your consent!
  • Import categories/folders from plugins like FileBird, WP Media Folder, Advanced Media Library, Media Library Wizard and more
Folders, Collections and Galleries
As you can see from the Real Media Library plugin screenshots (GIFs), it supports three ways to order your files:

Folder: A folder can contain any type of file and collections, but not galleries. To create a subfolder, simply select a folder from the list and click this button.

Collection: A collection cannot contain files. But you can create other collections and galleries there. The above mentioned gallery is only a gallery data folder, which means that they are not automatically placed in your frontend (your website). You can create a visual gallery from this gallery data folder using the Gutenberg editor in your page/post.

Gallery: A gallery data folder can only contain images. It is easier for you to distinguish where your visual galleries are located. You can also drag and drop the images into your own image order.
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  • upload-files-directly-to-folders.gif
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  • advanced-management-for-uploads.gif
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  • filter-in-inserting-media-dialog.gif
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  • create-shortcuts-for-files.gif
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  • drag-drop-your-files-in-folders.gif
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  • compleat-file-and-folder-manager.gif
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