Wordpress Plugin NEX-Forms 7.8.6

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NEX-Forms is the best WordPress Form Builder plugin for creating simple to complex forms. With tons off add-ons and features NEX-Forms is a complete online form and form building solution.

The most versatile WordPress Form Builder Plugin
Create any form type with the Best WordPress Form Builder Plugin on the market.
  • Contact Form Builder
  • Interactive Form Builder
  • Cost Estimation Form Builder
  • PayPal Form Builder
  • Quiz Form Builder
  • Booking Form Builder
  • Application Form Builder
  • Quick Question Form Builder
  • Survey Form Builder
  • Contract Form Builder
  • Sticky Form Builder
  • Popup Form Builder
  • Feedback Form Builder
  • Multi-Step Form Builder
  • Order Form Builder
  • Payment Form Builder
List of Overall Features
  • Form Analytics – Analytics that gives you stats of form views, form submissions and even form interactions! Complete with line, bar, pie, polar and radar charts. NEX-Forms also provides you with GeoLocation stats! Now you can see where your form submissions came from!
  • Cost Estimations / Math Logic – Use Math Logic to perform cost calculations based on user selections. Use any custom formulas on any number of fields!
  • Fully Responsive – NEX-Forms easily and efficiently scales to any device from phones to tablets to desktops.
  • Interactive Forms – Interact in real-time with your users by displaying the users input in the forms in a manner of conversation.
  • Conditional Logic – NEX-Forms includes advanced conditional logic to show and hide form elements based on your users input. Add unlimited rules with multiple conditions and multiple actions. For example, add a rule that has a condition for 3 conditions to be true before running any number of actions.
  • 50+ Form Elements – Make use of 50+ Bootstrap styled fields with pixel perfect precision! From special fields to uploaders and your most common form fields.
  • Multi-Step Forms & Online Quizes – Break large forms into managable steps for your users to complete with ease. Combine multi-steps, math logic and conditional logic to create online questionnaires.
  • Popup Forms – Trigger Popup Forms on Exit Intent, Time on Page, Scroll Position or from Buttons or Links! So, when a user tries to leave the page and/or spends x amount of time on the page and/or the user scrolls to a specified position from the top of the page then the form will popup!
  • Submission Reports and Exports – Generate reports from your form submissions based on your own criteria. Your reports can also be exported to CSV and/or PDF!
  • Modern Design – Designed with modern trends and techniques in mind, NEX-Forms will help you connect with your customers in a whole new and exciting way.
  • Drag & Drop – Add and sort form elements with simple drag and drop. If you can play solitare you can build stunning web forms without a single line of code!
  • Full Grid System – Create any form layout with one of a kind draggable grid system! Includes unlimited grid nesting!
  • Form Animations – Catch your users eye with 70+ super smooth animations.
  • 660+ Icons – Make use of 660+ icons that can be added to form fields. Font Awesome icons are vectors, which mean they’re gorgeous on high-resolution displays.
  • 1200+ Google Fonts – Allows you to easily add fonts from the Google Font Directory to use in your forms. Over 1200 fonts are made available in NEX-Forms.
  • Built-In Anti-Spam Protection – Whith NEX-forms built-in Anti-spam you will never receive an unwanted email. No captchas needed to prove your users are in fact human!
  • Email Autoreponder – Receive all your form data in fully customisable emails. Send admin emails to multiple recipients and/or send confirmation emails to end users!
  • Submission Storage and Export – All form submissions are stored in your database and can be viewed from the admin panel. Entries can also be exported to Excel!
  • Form Import and Export – Export form with a single click. Includes all form settings and can be imported into any NEX-forms installation.
  • Survey Fields – Create beautiful surveys with thumb rating, star rating and smiley rating fields!
  • Pre-Populated Fields – Set default field values! Auto-fill fields from other forms! Auto-fill fields from URL parameters!
  • Sticky Forms – Add sticky-paddle/slide-in froms to any side of your site!
  • Same Page Forms – You can have as many forms on a single page as you need without any conflict!
  • AJAX Powered – Submit forms without page refreshing!
  • Sidebar Widget – Add forms into your sidebars with WordPress Widgets.
  • File Uploader Fields – Receive files as email attahcments. Can also be viewed and downloaded from the backend. Includes file type validation and live image preview.
  • Hidden Fields – Add dynamic and/or static hidden fields to your forms for extra admin info from form submissions.
  • Thumb Selection Fields – Showcase your products in single and multi-selection fields.
  • Styling Toolbar – Style your forms with ease using our one of a kind styling toolbar similar to popular tools such as Photoshop, Fireworks, MS Paint, etc.
  • Taskbar – Work on multiple forms at the same time. Easily switch between task windows from the taskbar. A real time saver!
  • Personal Preferences – Save time by setting up personal preferences to be used as defaults for all new forms!
  • Form Validation – Make fields required and your validate fields as: Any Format, Email, Phone Number, URL, Numbers Only or Text only.
  • Min/Max Character Limiting – Limit characters in multi-line text areas and single-line text fields by setting maximum/minimum characters allowed. Includes total character count indicator.
  • Keyboard Shortcuts – Save time using built-in keyboard shortcuts. For example, save a form by hitting CTRL+ALT+S.
  • Live Form Previewer – Preview your form in realtime, at anytime, while you are busy building it!
  • Duplicate Forms – Duplicate existing forms with a single click! Duplicated forms include all the original form’s settings!
  • Form Templates – Create your very own custom form templates to be re-used time and time again!
  • Unlimited Forms – There is no limit to how many forms you can have on your website
  • Personolized Admin Panel – Create and save your very own personalized NEX-Forms admin panel layouts!
  • Tons of Field Settings – Customize your form fields with a huge variety of easy to use settings!
  • Field Duplication – Copy fields, grids, panels and any form element so that you dont have to do any double work!
  • Embed Options – Embed/Use forms in post, pages, sidebars and/or theme template files! Use NEX-Forms page/post editor button to generate shortcodes.
  • Redirect after Submission – You can redirect your users to a specified URL after a form is submitted. For example to your own custom “Thank you” page, etc.
  • Send Data to Custom URL – Send submitted form data to a custom URL by using GET or POST method. Perfect for sending data to an alternative database!
  • AJAX Powered Admin Panel – NEX-Forms admin panel will give you a real desktop apllication feel with no page resfreshing. Everything is done and found in a single versitile admin tool!
  • WP Color Scheme Adapt – NEX-Forms admin panel will adapt to the colors of your selected WordPress color scheme!
  • Global Configuration – For example, you can disable the NEX-Forms widget so it does no show up on your WP widgets page…
  • Multiple Email Methods – Choose your own mailing delivery methods from secure SMTP to normal WordPress Mail!
  • Zero Conflict Admin Panel – 3rd Party plugins and themes that include javascript and stylesheets will not affect the NEX-Forms admin panel! NEX-Forms will not affect any other plugin or theme.
  • WordPress Form Builer - 9 - Contract Forms.png
    WordPress Form Builer - 9 - Contract Forms.png
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  • WordPress Form Builer - 8 - Survey Forms.png
    WordPress Form Builer - 8 - Survey Forms.png
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  • WordPress Form Builer - 7 - Application  Forms.png
    WordPress Form Builer - 7 - Application Forms.png
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  • WordPress Form Builer - 6 - Booking Forms.png
    WordPress Form Builer - 6 - Booking Forms.png
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  • WordPress Form Builer - 5 - Quiz Forms.png
    WordPress Form Builer - 5 - Quiz Forms.png
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  • WordPress Form Builer - 4 - Cost Estimation Forms.png
    WordPress Form Builer - 4 - Cost Estimation Forms.png
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  • WordPress Form Builer - 3 - Payment-Paypal Forms.png
    WordPress Form Builer - 3 - Payment-Paypal Forms.png
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  • WordPress Form Builer - 2 - Contact Forms.png
    WordPress Form Builer - 2 - Contact Forms.png
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  • WordPress Form Builer - 12 - Popup Forms.png
    WordPress Form Builer - 12 - Popup Forms.png
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  • WordPress Form Builer - 11 - Sticky Forms.png
    WordPress Form Builer - 11 - Sticky Forms.png
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  • WordPress Form Builer - 10 - Quick Forms.png
    WordPress Form Builer - 10 - Quick Forms.png
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  • WordPress Form Builer - 1 - Interactive Forms.png
    WordPress Form Builer - 1 - Interactive Forms.png
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  • WordPress Form Builer - 0 - Form Builder Interface.png
    WordPress Form Builer - 0 - Form Builder Interface.png
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  • WordPress Form Builder  - Dashboard Interface.png
    WordPress Form Builder - Dashboard Interface.png
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